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VAFS & Flight Simulator 2019

Posted: July 10th, 2019, 11:41 am
by perryfincher
Hello Sven;

Would you be able to tell us if VAFS will work with Flight Simulator 2019?
Below is the link to the website for FS 2019.


Re: VAFS & Flight Simulator 2019

Posted: July 11th, 2019, 3:55 am
by Sven2157
Short answer - No.

This is a SPAM version of some Flight Simulator, but not from Micro$oft (I know, I can see the page says Micro$oft). Most likely, this is a virus ridden, key logger, that is actually worse than Micro$oft's Flight! :shock: I could be wrong.

However, the key to VAFS being compatible to a FS, is the fact that it needs some sort of "hook" into the program, to get the required information from the Simulator; i.e. SimConnect from the M$FS SDK. The reason this works with Prepar3d, or FSX:SE (Steam Edition), is because Lockheed Martin bought M$FS from Micro$oft and Dovetail bought FSX, then further developed it using the same SimConnect and SDK.

X-plane works, because the guy that designed it, was trying to beat M$FS, as a competing product. So he mimicked the SDK - so to speak (not exactly, but for the sake of the conversation). This allowed someone to create a program, similar to FSUIPC for X-Plane; which is what VAFS relies on, when it can't get the information directly through the Simulator.

Sorry and hope that helps! Happy Landings! :ugeek: