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TUIFly Belgium virtual birthday

Posted: June 20th, 2019, 7:05 pm
by FlavienA
For our first birthday, we invite you to share with us a “virtual open day” and a group flight. For this milestone event, we will propose you to slip into the shoes of a TUIFly Belgium virtual pilot to discover together our way of working, our goal, the diversity of our contents, and the wealth of our community.

At first, if you are interested in this event, we will ask you to fill in some informations (last name, first name, IVAO VID, callsign for the pilots already members, time of the flight of group) directly in the form below in order to help us to better prepare this day. ... 4DxP3WrmJZ
Temporary accounts will then be added to our database for each virtual pilot wishing to participate who does not have identifiers, and the flight chosen by this same person will be automatically added to the list of schedules of his temporary account.

Before proposing to those interested to make a group flight, we will offer a guided tour of our website. This guided tour will take place at the following address: In order to access it, each person interested in the visit will have to connect to our Crew Center using the following identifiers :

Username : JAFXXXX
Password : tuiflybelgiumvirtualbirthday
This guided tour will consist simply of presenting our virtual airline in a few lines through various sections of our website. For pilots already enrolled in the virtual airline, we propose directly during the time slots reserved for group flights to make the flight that will please you at the departure or arrival of the FIR Reims if you want to join us . A bonus of 1200V$ will be distributed to each registered pilot who flew during this event.

You will find below a detailed schedule of the day giving precisely the planning of this day.
At the end of this event, each pilot wishing to continue his adventure at TUIFly Belgium virtual will be able to let us know, and his temporary account will be transformed into a final account by keeping the flight hours made during this day. If he does not want to continue the adventure, we fully understand and delete the associated temporary account.

Your TUIFly Belgium virtual team