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VA Aurora - Going to Magadan! 20.01.2019 10Z IVAO

Posted: January 15th, 2019, 8:28 am
by Graviplash
VA Aurora company (, official Virtual Airline of IVAO is proud to invite everyone to our ivent "Going to Magadan", 20.01.2019 from 10-00 Zulu till 14-00 Zulu in IVAO.

UHHH_APP and UHHH_CTR online from 10z, UHHM_CTR & UHHM_APP online from 11 Z (*all air traffic controllers know English* )

UHHH scenery for X-plane:

part 1 ... rovsk-osm/
part 2 ... rovsk-osm/

NOTE: if there will be a mistake on loading the scenery of UHHH, just delete the library.txt file in folder with scene

UHHH scenery For FSX/P3D

UHMM scenery Xplane:

UHMM scenery For FSX/P3d: