Troubleshooting / Support Requests

VAFS & VCAS most frequently asked questions (FAQs).
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Troubleshooting / Support Requests

Post by SoutheastVirtual » February 16th, 2014, 10:28 pm

When you need assistance in resolving an issue with VAFS/VCAS it is vital that you provide us with as much information as possible.  By providing the information up front, we won't need to ask you a million questions, we'll be able to rule out certain scenarios/solutions and hopefully find the solution you need.  Before posting your issue make sure you have done the following:
  1. Checked the FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions forum
  2. Made a search of the Forum for a related topic (search box at top right of page)
  3. You have installed VAFS as per the [INSTALLATION/OPERATION] Running as Administrator
When creating a topic, ensure that it is properly titled (example "Flight error: contact support", not "Error").  Make sure to include tags (found below topic name) to help other find your problem and solution using the search function.  Describe your problem with as much detail as possible.  Sentences should contain proper grammar and punctuation.  Ensure you provide as much as the information below as possible:
  • List of all pilots involved (callsigns)
  • Flight flown (flight number and flight ID)
  • Aircraft used (aircraft name, VCAS ICAO and aircraft ID)
  • Hub flown from (hub name and hub ID)
  • VAFS options:
    • VA options:  ON/OFF status of all 9 options
    • Pilot options: option select for all 7 options (for each pilot)
  • Version of FSUIPC
  • Version of Flight Simulator
  • Version of Operating System
  • Computer updates current (.NET, Java etc)
  • Addons used:
    • payware/freeware aircraft
    • payware/freeware scenery
    • payware/freeware weather engine
    • payware/freeware flight tracking
  • Upload the .xml flight log of affected flight(s)
    • .XML logs are found in the "SavedLogs" folder within the VAFS main folder. 
    • There is one .xml log for each flight made.
    • file names are randomized letters and numbers to find your flight do the following:
      • Open "SavedLogs" folder
      • Right-click in a blank area and select: View > Details
      • Above the first file name, locate "Date modified" tab and click it.
      • This will reorganized the folder to list files in the order they were modified (date and time).
      • Verify you have the right log by opening them with a web browser and locating the flight details at the top.
  • Include the URL flight log of affected flight(s)
    • Open the link below in a web browser:
  • Also Include the Application Log -
    • Default (32 bit system): "C:\Program Files\VAFS5\Logs\Application.log"
    • Default (64 bit system): "C:\Program Files (x86)\VAFS5\Logs\Application.log"
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